Now in its 8th year, New York Oyster Week presents the perfect pairing:

A curated collection of original & innovative oyster-centric events

~ paired with ~

Raw, cooked and composed oyster dishes paired with beer wine & spirits from creative chefs at elite oyster destinations.


Join us as we shuck, slurp, taste and toast to the oyster’s importance in Gotham’s past, present and future. SHELLebrate the History, Culture, Cuisine, Economy & Ecology of Oysters in The Empire State! Connect with oyster farmers at events. And learn to #GoShuckYourself at others. Show that you #GiveAShuck as your participation supports sustainable aquaculture and the preservation and restoration of living oyster reefs and habitat in NYC and Long Island. 

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New York Oyster Week was founded in 2012 and has been presented annually since. Always produced in the last two weeks of September, it is the flagship production of The OysterHood. 

Celebrate the extraordinary role of the oyster in the history, culture, cuisine, economy and ecology of The Empire State - past, present and future.

We produce and present a collection of original and exciting oyster-centric events which are designed for every budget, schedule, personality type and neighborhood.

New York’s Elite Oyster Destinations “Show & Shell" as they feature signature raw, cooked and composed oyster dishes and beer, wine & cocktail pairings


New York Oyster Week is a production of The OysterHood, a global, year round community of oyster consumers, producers, distributors, shuckers as well as many others with interests in oysters, aquaculture and coastal consciousness.


New York Oyster Week is the flagship production of The OysterHood, your global headquarters for oyster appreciation, information and experiences. 

Our mission is to showcase and celebrate the oyster people, places and processes that create and present oysters. In doing so we strive to protect, preserve and restore oyster habitat and be a "rising tide” for all of those who enjoy, produce, distribute or serve oysters. Please feel welcome to join us on our never-ending exploration and celebration of the oyster's role in history, culture, cuisine, economies and eco-systems, everywhere!


We create opportunities for brands and destinations to engage in Oyster-Related Marketing. Our content and experiences attract, engage, excite and enchant high-value, value-driven (not price-driven) consumers.

Our primary media and focus is experiential, as we believe that bringing our community and brand partners together in fun and edu-taining oyster-centric experiences. We have found this to be the best way to be authentic and bring maximum value to our community, brands and all stakeholders in the oyster industry.

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There's a


event for everyone.