The way for ALL to participate in New York Oyster Week!

Chefs & Restaurants

Create oyster & beer, wine or cocktail pairings that showcase your shellfish prowess.

Then, post them on Instagram. Tag @OysterWeek, @TheOysterHood and use #ShowAndShell and #OysterWeekNYC please.

We’ll find those and repost them @OysterWeek and @TheOysterHood

Oyster Aficionados & The Bivalve Curious

Discover & enjoy special oyster features & pairings in and around NYC.

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Guidance For Chefs & Restaurants

WHAT TO FEATURE: GET CREATIVE! Please do not offer a “Buck A Shuck” with a no-name oysters. We won’t repost nameless promotions like that. Offer a pairing perhaps: THIS oyster with that beer. THAT oyster with this wine. THOSE oyster with this cocktail or that topping or…you know…SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Dont think DISCOUNT, think PREMIUM, but deliver good value with a fair price.

REWARD: Creativity is its own reward, but the Show & Shell repost with the most likes wins. And the winner is in store for something special in October or November.

GET SPECIAL CONSIDERATION: Contact us directly to learn how your Show & Shell can be featured on our social & digital media before, during and after New York Oyster Week 2019.